Non-financial Agreements


Non-financial agreements (confidential disclosure agreements, material transfer agreements, data use agreements) may require formal amendment to change the terms of these agreements if the assumptions under which these agreements were negotiated have changed.  Some of the most common amendments by type of agreement are included below:

Confidential disclosure agreements: addition to the definition of confidential information being disclosed

Material transfer agreements: extension of the term of the MTA to permit continued use of the research material, change in scope of work, addition of research materials

Data use agreements: extension of the term of the DUA to permit continued use of the data set, augmentation to the data set to be shared/received

Procedure to Initiate Office of Research (OR) Review:

To formally amend a non-financial agreement, please contact OR via e-mail at and describe the change to the agreement that is necessary.  Be sure to reference the I # or MyRA tracking numbers for the underlying agreement to facilitate processing.