Export Controls Forms

Below are forms you may need to document your exports.
International Travels
When traveling outside of the United States, you can ask the Export Controls team to review your trip by filling-out this form and sending it via email to EChelp@pitt.edu.
The license exception TMP (EAR 740.9) authorizes temporary export/reexport of institution-owned items that will return to the United States within one year of when they leave. The items must remain under the effective control. If you are eligible to travel under this exemption, please complete this form and email it to EChelp@pitt.edu.
International Visitors
When hosting foreign visitors, you shall contact the Export Controls team so a review of the Visit and a Restricted Party Screening of the Visitors can be performed. Please complete the "Visitors - export controls review" form and send it to EChelp@pitt.edu 
To view and edit the PDF forms you will need to install the free Adobe® Reader® software. You can download it at Adobe.com/reader