Team Assignments

The Federal Contract Services team is structured to facilitate expeditious processing by a linear process flow.  Currently our team has five Federal Contracts Officers, FCOs (one being the Associate Director who handles other administrative duties).  These five FCOs are charged with the ultimate oversight for all of the University's Federal Contracting needs (along with the support of a Federal Senior Contracts Coordinator).  Due to the complexity of Federal Contracts, team members have different responsibilities depending upon the specific task and action required.  The responsibility for those tasks/actions are as follows:

  • Federal Senior Contracts Coordinator - receives all documents from the front desk, pulls files, distributes files, performs compliance checks, creates internal documents, records/data entry, responsible for email, completes representations and certifications, and processes Sponsor Prior Approvals (COAs) (and their corresponding Award Modifications), Third Party Agreements and related items (except initial awards and FAR flow-down), Performance Reporting (CPARS), and Closeouts
  • Federal Contracts Officer(s) - negotiates with Sponsors and/or Third Parties, processes, reviews, and/or negotiates Non-financial Agreements related to Federal Contracts, Awards and Proposals (including Midstream), Pre-Award Revisions, and Award Modifications (except those related to COAs), reviews or drafts complex Third Party Agreements and/or FAR clauses, COAs, Third Party Prior Approvals (UAAs), and provides back-up and coverage for Senior Federal Contracts Coordinator

Please refer to our Federal Contract Services Responsibility Chart for more information. The Federal Contract Services team, similar to the other two processing teams within the Office of Research, allocates new requests for agreement reviews on a constituency basis.  Each department is assigned a Federal Contract Officer, who is responsible for the review and negotiation of all new agreement requests for that department.  This approach allows each Officer to become familiar with the departments he/she is responsible for and the specific types of research these departments conduct.  Likewise, this distribution of assignments builds rapport between the faculty and departmental research administrators and our Federal Contracts Officers.