Grants Management Services

Prepare Proposals

The Grants Management Team is responsible for the review and submission of proposals to federal agencies and foundations for support that, if awarded, will result in the issuance of a grant, cooperative agreement.  The preparation of a well-organized, thoroughly reviewed proposal is critical to the successful submission of an application for funding.

Those researchers submitting pre-proposals/applications, white papers, and full proposals are required to submit the below documentation to the Office of Research.

Documents Required for Submission*
  1. Draft research summary
  2. Signed stock 136 form page 1 and 2 - Note that the sponsor deadline should be provided on page 1 of the stocks! The word "open" in that field indicates there is no firm deadline
  3. Detailed budget and budget justification
  4. Sponsor guidelines (may be a weblink or a paper copy)
  5. Current Conflict of Interest (COI) annual filings for all key personnel
  6. Conflict of Interest training module - CITI or ISER (after 8/6/12)
  7. Research Integrity (ISER) or Responsible Conduct of Research (CITI) module
  8. Complete list of all personnel working on the project (full legal names)
  9. Waivers, if applicable (i.e., Subaccount and F&A - as designated by your school, etc.)
  10. PI Verification for NIH and other PHS Agency Funded Submissions
  11. If there are subcontracts to other institutions in our budget, we need that sub institution's budget, budget justification, scope of work, letter of endorsement (LOI/SOI) signed by an authorized institutional official and, if the sponsor is a PHS funded agency verification of compliance with the FCOI regulations, or the completed FCOI Forms.
Documents Required for Submission when Pitt is a Subcontractor/White Papers/Preliminary Proposals & Pre-proposals**
  1. All of the above applicable documentation
  2. Letter of endorsement (LOI/SOI) with Pitt listed as the subcontractor
  3. Detailed budget and budget justification

*Subject to sponsor requirements and/or OR procedure changes.

**For White Papers, Preliminary Proposals, and Pre-proposals enter 0$ on the stock 136 form unless a budget is required.