Grants Management Cover pages and Other Procedures


The Grants Management Team, like the other teams within the Office of Research, is responsible for research administration of grants from federal sponsors and foundations.  As a result, we have developed processes specifically for our area.


Cover Pages

The Grants Management Team has created a Cover Page Submission Form to route work to our office. Please visit the Forms Page for this Cover Page.


Grants Management Team Procedures


National Science Foundation (NSF) Procedures:

There are several actions performed on NSF projects that require review and processing by the Office of Research.  As a result we have developed procedures for NSF actions to assist the departments in submission of those items to our office.

Return to Sender Policy:

On February 1, 2012 the Office of Research implemented a Return to Sender Policy for grant-related actions that are missing required information or determined to be inaccurate.  This policy provides the Office of Research the ability to return items to a department if items requested materials are not provided to the Office of Research within one business day.