Team Assignments

The Grants Management Services team is structured to facilitate expeditious processing by a linear process flow.  Our team includes:

  • Intake Coordinators - responsible for the front-end intake of new submissions for this team.
  • Grant Analysts- responsible for the review and processing of a specific subset of grant proposals including, R03s, R21s, Ks, Pittsburgh Foundation as well as review and processing of final invention statements, relinquishing statements, and no-cost extensions.
  • Subaward Officers- responsible for reviewing and processing all National Science Foundation (NSF) actions and certain National Institutes of Health (NIH) actions, request letters, just-in-time requests, and certain no-cost extension requests for the University
  • Subaward Coordinator - responsible for the review and approval of all outgoing subaward.
  • Grant & Contract Officers - responsible for review and processing of all grant-related proposals not processed by the Grant Coordinator, and Senior Grant Coordinators.  They are also responsible for the review and negotiation of all grant agreements and awards for this team.

The Grants Management Services team, similar to the other two processing teams of the Office of Research, allocates work on a constituency basis.  Each department is assigned multiple members of our team, who are responsible for the review, processing, and negotiation of all grant-related proposals, awards and agreements.  This approach allows each member of our team to become familiar with the departments he/she is responsible for and the specific types of research these departments conduct.  Likewise, this distribution of assignments builds rapport between the faculty, departmental research administrators and our Grants Management Team.