Internal Funding Opportunities

Central Research Development Fund

Funding opportunities available within the University of Pittsburgh community include the Small Grants Program Central Research Development Fund - Small Grants Program which accepts applications each spring and makes awards each summer and fall. The Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Research makes funds available to support research conducted by faculty members, particularly junior faculty members at the University of Pittsburgh. The amount allocated to any one program is comparatively small and the duration of support is limited to two years.

More information:  CRDF


Social Science Research Initiative

The Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Research announces a special initiative to expand the involvement of social scientists at Pitt in research questions that can be best addressed through interdisciplinary approaches within the social sciences or that bridge social science and other fields, or, in unusual cases, for integrative approaches than span subdisciplines of a single social science discipline. T/TS faculty in social science disciplines in the Dietrich School, Business, Education, GSPIA, Information Sciences, Law, and Social Work are eligible to apply and must serve as the lead researcher. Research collaborators may be from other schools or units at Pitt or elsewhere. Collaborations that involve junior faculty are particularly encouraged, but mid-career and senior faculty are welcome to apply.

The goal of this initiative is to expand social science research; therefore only proposals for new collaborations are eligible to apply. These can be exploratory in nature, such as efforts to establish new research collaborations by inviting external speakers, creating a working paper series, or organizing a workshop. Proposals can also be aimed at building a research team, acquiring or collecting data for publication, or preparing proposals for external funding.

More Information: Social Science Research Initiative


Special Initiative to Promote Scholarly Activities in the Humanities

The Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Research announces a special initiative to support significant and innovative scholarship in the humanities and creative arts. Individual or groups of T/TS faculty at all ranks in the Humanities at the University of Pittsburgh are invited to submit proposals for new scholarly projects or to advance existing efforts. Joint proposals with faculty outside the Humanities will be considered if a Humanities faculty member(s) is the lead scholar(s). Faculty members may apply for funds through this initiative and through the Central Research Development Fund in the same year for different research projects or extensions of the same project. Please note that requests by faculty members in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences to fund conferences in support of faculty scholarship and scheduled for FY19 may be more appropriately directed to the Faculty Research and Scholarship Program (FRSP) in the Dietrich School.

More Information: Special Initiative to Promote Scholarly Activities in the Humanities





Other Selected University Programs


University Center for International Studies Faculty Grants

Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences Funding

Public Humanities Fellows Program

MIDAS National Center of Excellence - Pilot Research Grant Program

Center for Medical Innovation (CMI) Early-Stage Medical Technology Research and Development Pilot Funding Program

Walter H. Coulter Translational Research Partners II Translational Grant Program