New email – – is created to electronically accept internal forms for Grants Management Team


The Office of Research is encouraging the use of electronic signatures (ex: DocuSign or scanned original signatures) for all internal forms.  While there will no longer be a requirement to submit via paper or in triplicate copies, internal forms will still be accepted and processed if submitted this way. 

Departments are welcome to email their internal forms and any transaction-specific supporting documentation for the Grants Management Team to the following new email address:

To expedite processing, please include the following information in the email subject line:

  • Institution (I) #, if applicable
  • PI Last Name
  • Department Number
  • Form Name (ex: Form 0136, No-Cost Extension, Early Account Request)

As a reminder, departments should continue to use for forms and communication related to the Clinical & Corporate Contracts Services Team, and use for forms and communication related to the Federal Contract Services Team.  Subaward requests issued under grants should be emailed to