RESI Resources

The Research, Ethics and Society Initiative (RESI) gathers and creates resources for scholars and researchers. These include guidance documents, in-depth discussions of ethical issues, and information about research ethics forums. Suggestions of additional resources may be made to: 

Communication about Research

Communicating about research to people outside a specific field or outside academia requires commitment, resources, and practice. Learn about Pitt’s resources for communicating about research.

Courses and Curriculum Development

Pitt offers opportunities to learn about research ethics issues in courses, lecture series, workshops and discussion groups. Moreover, the RESI is participating in the development of curricular offerings and extracurricular activities in multiple schools. 

Guidance and Regulation

There is a wealth of guidance published to aid in research design and conduct. Some are binding regulations; others are advisory. 


The RESI Bookshelf provides links to key books and articles on research ethics.

Events Archive

Events sponsored or endorsed by the RESI form an archive of material to support research design, conduct, and dissemination.