Data misrepresentation in physics: when and how to escalate concerns

November 1, 2021 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm

PITT/CMU Colloquium: Eugenie Reich

Data Misrepresentation in Physics: when and how to escalate concerns

Determining when experimental data have been misrepresented and for what reason is an important and interesting problem with scientific and legal aspects. This talk will discuss several cases that skirted or crossed the line from bad science to fraud and show examples of actionable data misrepresentations. There will also be discussion of diverse options available to whistleblowers and where roadblocks are likely.

Eugenie Reich is a whistleblower attorney with an interest in the intersection of bad science and the law. She was an investigative science reporter for many years and published a 2009 book on a case of fraud at Bell Labs.

Location and Address

Hybrid Event: Located in Thaw Hall 102 AND Virtually via Zoom.

Contact for access.