Pitt Research Navigator

The Pitt Research Navigator connects researchers at the University of Pittsburgh to the resources for conducting large, interdisciplinary research projects.

Your Connection to Research Resources

The Pitt Research Navigator is a new service of the Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Research (Pitt Research) designed to reduce administrative burden and promote ease of research at the University of Pittsburgh.

The Pitt Research Navigator is available to connect faculty and research-related staff to the resources necessary to:

  • initiate and continue research projects,
  • improve the communication between researchers and the offices that support them,
  • ensure compliance and best practices, and to
  • help resolve research-related problems across campus.


Pitt Research Navigator Goals

  • Deliver personalized “customer service” for faculty and research-related staff
  • Connect faculty and research-related staff to the resources, services and offices needed to move research projects forward
  • Reduce research-related administrative burdens and promote operational efficiency

What Type of Questions Can You Ask the Pitt Research Navigator?

The Pitt Research Navigator can help connect you to the campus-based resources and experts who can answer a wide-range of research-related questions. For example, contact the Navigator with questions about:

  • Finding a central research office contact
  • Conflict of Interest (COI)
  • Grant writing resources
  • International research
  • Data management
  • Institutional letters of support

Contact the Pitt Research Navigator

The Pitt Research Navigator will make every effort to address and answer questions from Pitt researchers in a timely manner, within one business day when possible.

Stefanie Coburn

Pitt Research Navigator Request Form >>

Hours of Operation

8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday (when University offices are open)

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