Ethics, Compliance & Safety

Office of Research Protections

Pitt Research's Office of Research Protections (ORP) aids investigators in designing and performing research studies so they meet current ethical standards and conform to all applicable laws and regulations. The units that comprise the ORP accomplish this goal through education, prospective review of research protocols, consultations with investigators, and monitoring of ongoing studies.

Environmental Health and Safety

The University of Pittsburgh's Environmental Health and Safety Department develops and maintains records for environmental and safety training for all faculty, staff, and students. Training requirements are determined by your occupation and exposure risks.

International Research and Engagement

The Office of Trade Compliance (OTC)  at the University of Pittsburgh was created to provide best practices advice and hands-on assistance to the University community for compliance with U.S. trade regulations. OTC offers a range of training and educational resources, including how-to guides, step by step instructions on the University of Pittsburgh processes to personalized trainings for individuals and groups.

Required Trainings

Individuals who conduct research at the University of Pittsburgh, including faculty, staff, and students, have research training requirements. The purpose of this training is not only to satisfy government and University of Pittsburgh policy requirements, but to enhance research activities at all stages.