RESI: Courses and Curriculum Development

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Pitt offers opportunities to learn about research ethics issues and the ethical design and conduct of research in various formats and forums. Moreover, the RESI supports the development of curricular offerings and extracurricular activities in multiple schools. Courses and regular forums are listed below, while specific events are listed on the RESI Events calendar.

I don’t find resources in my field. What can I do?

First, consider that many domains of research have ethical challenges analogous to those in other fields. Even contrasting challenges can be illuminating. Also, it is often easier to identify “what’s wrong” or devise a solution by achieving a bit of distance from a problem. So, learning about ethical challenges in another field can provide insights about one’s own area of research.

Second, librarians throughout the University and Health Sciences Library Systems can help you search for resources addressing your questions.

Third, you might want to work with the RESI staff to develop research ethics educational offerings in your field, department or school. The RESI has resources to support these efforts.

We’re offering research ethics programming. Can it be listed?

Individual lectures, workshops and other events can be posted on the Events calendar. Courses and regularly occurring forums can be proposed for listing on this page; contact

Can I find training opportunities to include in my training grant proposal here?

Yes, relevant training opportunities are listed below. Moreover, the RESI staff can work with you to identify or develop what is required for your particular application.

Online Research Ethics Education

Short Courses and Regularly Occurring Forums

Courses, Certificates, and Degrees