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Below is a list of upcoming events and archived events focusing on Generative AI.

AI, Elections and Disinformation: What Generative AI Will Mean for 2024 Elections Around the World, April 10, 2024 | 3:00 – 4:00 pm


Speakers: Lawrence Norden, JD (Brennan Center for Justice) and Sarah Shirazyan, JSD (Meta)

Moderator: Josh Goldstein, DPhil (Center for Security and Emerging Technology)

Abstract: Increasingly sophisticated generative AI systems have wowed the public, but also fueled concerns about their potential effects on an already fragile information ecosystem. These fears are particularly acute in 2024, with dozens of democracies holding elections and a record number of global voters expected to head to the polls. How might AI impact the democratic process and how should policymakers respond? What steps can the media, AI providers, and social media companies take to help people find reliable information and recognize when content is AI-generated?


Georgetown University Center for Security and Emerging Technology

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