For Pitt Researchers

Research Concierge Program

The Pitt Research Concierge Program is designed to reduce administrative burden and promote ease of research at the University of Pittsburgh.

Arts & Humanities Microgrants

The $3,000 one-year microgrants are supporting high-quality, smaller-scaled research, scholarly, creative and artistic endeavors for faculty in the arts and humanities.

Chancellor's Distinguished Research Award

The Chancellor’s Distinguished Research Award annually recognizes outstanding scholarly accomplishments of members of the University of Pittsburgh’s faculty.

Honorific Award Self-Reporting Form

University of Pittsburgh faculty are thought leaders whose remarkable contributions to their scholarly communities resonate on a global scale. Use this form to report when earning external recognitions. 

Letter of Support Request

For researchers seeking a personalized letter attributed to or signed by the Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Research, complete this form to share initial details of funder timelines and guidelines.