Arts and Humanities Microgrants

A collage of images representing the Arts and Humanities Microgrants program at Pitt with studio arts, linguistics and composition

In the first year of programming, Pitt’s Arts and Humanities Microgrants are supporting up to twenty projects for individual faculty or teams. The $3,000 one-year microgrants are supporting high-quality, smaller-scaled research, scholarly, creative and artistic endeavors for faculty in the arts and humanities.

“The grants are intended to enhance and expand internal funding opportunities for arts and humanities faculty, as a resource to support existing projects, works-in-progress, or to test concepts where a smaller grant with fast decision-making could be transformative,” said Shelome Gooden, assistant vice chancellor for research in the humanities, arts, social sciences and related fields.

The Arts and Humanities Microgrants program runs twice per academic year (Fall and Spring). Cycle two is currently underway, and the Fall cycle of year two is projected for Monday, October 16, 2023.

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The microgrants are intended to support a variety of research and creative activities in the humanities. This cycle's awards cover a range of projects including books, an annotated speech database, an archival research workshop, AI-generated 'repair' of ancient text and curatorial art.



Buddhism in Court: Religion, Law, and Jurisdiction in China

Cuilan Liu, Dietrich School or Arts and Sciences


Creating a Cross-Linguistic Database to Investigate Speech Rhythm

Marta Ortega-Llebaria, Dietrich School or Arts and Sciences


Comprehensibility and Accentedness in Second Language Pronunciation

Amanda Huensch, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences


Past and Future Tense: Using AI/NLG to Rebuild Sophocles’ The Searchers

Jeremy Justus, University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown Campus
Mark DiMauro, University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown Campus


Automating Writing from Androids to AI

Annette Vee, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences


China and the Internet: Using New Media for Development and Social Change

Song Shi, School of Computing and Information


Pitt Studio Art Presents: Duos

Aaron Henderson, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences


Black Anaesthetics: African American Narrative Beyond Man

Shaun Myers, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences


Art History in the Age of Artificial Image Generation

Christopher Nygren, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences
Alison Langmead, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences