Office of Economic Partnerships

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The Office of Economic Partnerships provides government agencies, industry leaders, and economic development organizations with access to the University of Pittsburgh's resources. Through collaborative and inclusive partnerships, the OEP drives economic growth and innovation.

Key Initiatives

Pitt’s Office of Economic Partnerships was given a broad mandate to increase Pitt’s ability to partner on economic opportunities, connect the University to the global economy, and accelerate growth in the regional economy. The result is a series of ambitious initiatives.

Global Partnership Models

In a world with diverse problems and challenges, the best opportunities for solutions arise from creative, strategic global partnerships. These collaborations stimulate and exchange of ideas, understanding, and goals which can then be translated into tangible advancements that build a better world for everyone.

2019 Economic Impact Report

Pitt’s economic impact isn’t a by-product. It’s an essential part of the University’s role, from the local and regional level to the statehouse and the global stage. Economic impact is one of the ways Pitt is making a difference in the lives of individuals, communities, and the world.

Corporate Engagement

OEP functions as an ambassador to the business community by building mutually beneficial partnerships and helping companies to leverage all the resources that Pitt has to offer. Our partnership team is here to help you find the right way to connect your organization to Pitt.