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It is challenging to communicate what you know, effectively, to audiences that don’t share your frame of reference, background knowledge, and experience and priorities. Anticipating and addressing the concerns and questions of different audiences is also challenging.

Some researchers struggle to explain specialized abstract concepts and complicated processes. Some are challenged to explain why their work matters. Some need to explain why their chosen theoretical framework is no more a source of illicit bias than is the choice of a scientific hypothesis and method of data analysis.

Some researchers first need to explain what research is, and that research is real work. (Musicologists don’t just listen to music any more than astronomers just gaze at the stars.) Only then they can proceed to explain their research findings.

Communicating about research to people outside a specific field or outside academia requires commitment, resources and practice. The RESI has gathered resources to aid that communication.

Research Ethics Consultants help scholars and researchers address these challenges. Resources listed in this section may help as well.

For institutional communications support, visit Pitt Media Relations.

Guidance for Research Communication

Research Communication Opportunities