Associate Deans of Research Committee

The Associate Deans for Research Committee (ADRC) enhances collaborative work with the Senior Vice Chancellor for Research (SVCR) throughout the University of Pittsburgh by sharing ideas and insights to advance the vision of Pitt Research.

ADRC promotes a university-wide view of enhancing research by: 

  • Coordination around matters related to research, scholarship and creative activity;
  • Input and review of policies and procedures related to the research, scholarship and creative activity enterprise;
  • Advocacy for research matters tied to research administration, faculty professional development, research integrity, responsible conduct of research and communications;
  • Other matters as deemed necessary by the SVCR.

Membership includes 14 Schools with graduate programs, the University Library System, the Regional Campuses, and the Learning Research and Development Center. Some Schools will have more than one member of the Committee. 

ADRC Members

Hannah Johnson, School of Arts & Sciences

Jeff Inman, School of Business

Charles Sfeir, School of Dental

Heather Bachman, School of Education 

David Vorp, School of Engineering

Jeanine Buchanich, School of Public Health

Erica Palmer, School of GSPIA

Geer Donley, School of Law

Berenika Webster, School of Library

Joe Stafura, School of LRDC

Lindsay Matsumuara, School of LRDC

Jamie Cerilli, School of Medicine

Mark Geraci, School of Medicine

Paul Monga, School of Medicine

Yvette Conley, School of Nursing

Tom Nolin, School of Pharmacy

Erin Walker, School of SCI

Elixabeth Skidmore, School for SHRS

Jamie Booth, School of Social Work

Tony Gaskew, School of UPB

Jonathan Vallano, School of UPG

Ryan Bird, School of UPJ